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MOVVE is the SSP for publishers that maximize revenues, making their programmatic work more time effective by offering tools created with an easy to use approach.

We empower publishers to maximize their revenue across all screens using MOVVE’s self-service tools, global relationships with premium demand partners, user-friendly ad formats and 24/7 support team.

MOVVE also enables brands and agencies to engage global consumers through our cutting-edge technology and creative solutions designed to enhance all campaign performance.

For Buyers

Engage global audiences in premium, brand safe environments.

Exceed performance and brand awareness goals and engage global consumers through our cutting-edge technology and creative solutions designed to enhance the advertiser’s KPIs breaking away from traditional digital advertising.

MOVVE understand the unique emotional, behavioral, and cultural drivers of your campaign’s success.

Display SSP

Get the right message across the right audience at the right moment.

Deliver your display campaign on web, mobile web & in-app.

Premium Marketplace

Empowered audience targeting to achieve direct media buying.

Self-served tool to proceed media buying in a simple way.

Easy Buying Platform

Manage your programmatic campaigns on a dashboard designed by and for buyers.

Control your campaign in real time and see only what you really want to see.

For Publishers

Optimize your inventory to maximize revenue and access to unique and direct demand to unsold inventory.

Maximize your digital advertising revenue with a programmatic platform built with publishers in mind. We use our own cutting edge technology to access premium demand, with ads individually certified to ensure the highest standard of quality.

MOVVE knows the true value of your ad inventory and connecting them to brands and agencies to seamlessly engage global consumers in brand-safe environments.

Ad Quality

We safeguard publishers’ audiences allowing them to proactively address ad security, brand safety threats and protect the end user experience.

Private Marketplace

PMP for premium publishers to target and sell inventory automatically to their preferred buyers to be able to leverage the performances of their inventory.

Premium Ad Exchange

Designed to maximize yields for publishers to maintain the utmost level of transparency and ad quality for buyers.


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